How to clean out your sink (and keep it smelling fresh)

lemon tree

Let’s face it – every now and then, you sink smells a little rank. And that’s because there’s A LOT going on down there. We often shove things down the garbage disposal without a moment’s thought…and sometime the consequences surface in the form of an unpleasant stench.

I clean my sink’s “insides” once a month to keep it running smoothly and to prevent a yucky smell. It’s really simple, only take a few household ingredients, and it leaves your kitchen smelling super fresh!

To clean out your sink’s “insides” (garbage disposal):
  1. Sprinkle a half cup of baking soda down the disposal.
  2. Pour one cup of white vinegar down disposal. The mixture will fizz and make a bit of noise. (Let this work its magic for a few minutes).
  3. While the “fizzing” is going on, boil a few cups (or a full tea kettle) of water.
  4. Once water is boiling, remove from stove and pour down the drain.
  5. Fill the drain with two cups of ice and sprinkle ice with some salt.
  6. Turn on cold water and run the disposal. The ice and salt mixture helps to break up any residual debris down below.
  7. Cut 2 lemons in half. One half at a time, put lemon down the drain with the water running and disposal on.
  8. Your sink’s “insides” are now clean and smelling great! (Do this once a month for best results)orange peel

*Any time I eat or cook with citrus fruit, I also save the peel and put down the disposal to keep my sink smelling and running great all the time!

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