Freshen up your cleaning schedule

I don’t know what has happened the last few months, but my household cleaning/laundry schedule has gotten completely out of ‘whack’! And it’s driving me nuts! Over the weekend I vowed to take charge of the madness and revamp my household duties checklist into a daily/weekly schedule that is easy to follow and that works for my lifestyle. There are tons of great plans out there. The trick is to find one (or create one) that actually works for you and fits into your life…otherwise, you will never stick to it. So if you have a major life change soon or in the near future – modify the plan to your “new normal”. There’s no use trying to fit a ‘square peg into a round hole’ (that’s a line from one of my favorite Christmas movies “The Holiday”, 🙂 haha). Make the schedule work FOR you, not against you.

It’s not too late to salvage your commitment to keeping a cleaning/laundry routine for 2017…it’s still spring! I am determined to keep up my new cleaning/laundry schedule for the remainder of the year. Join me! 🙂

Here’s some sample schedules: (I’ll be using #’s 1, 5 and 6)

  1. cleaning schedule 2 schedule 3
4.laundry schedule 2

5.laundry schedule

deep cleaning schedule

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